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Saturday, May 17, 2014

XenServer installation over iKVM and redirected ISO CD-ROM option in JViewer

I've had a problem using my XenServer on VMware Workstation. I needed instead to install it on my dedicated server i have. Some of my notes:
  • Enabled iKVM on the server: How to enable IPMI settings in BIOS on Tyan S8225 motherboard.
  • In BIOS make sure you have enabled the VGA graphic output and disabled the graphics output on the PCI-X bus (as per  the link above)
  • The XenServer installer was not able to recognize my AHCI disk driver so I needed to enable a regular 'Native IDE' driver in BIOS (see screen shots below)
  • Disable java security permission in Windows (search for 'configure java' under Windows menu)
  • Mount the ISO image from the JViewer (java iKVM from ASUS) restart the server and follow the installation instructions :)
  • At the beginning of installation you will see that the phase 'Loading /install.img' is taking very long time. Don't panic, watch the network card stats and wait for the installer to start. It can take even up to 10min.


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