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Sunday, March 30, 2014

How to automatically prefill command on the Linux bash

Linux Bash is one of the most famous Linux shells. It offers a great number of features like for example spawning and controlling process, redirecting streams, supporting scripts and a flexible way to control you editing line.


How to automatically pre-populate a command on the shell after prompt.

Solution description

The shell has tree default streams: stdout, stdin and stderr. By manipulating the stdin of the process we can simulate typing a command.

Reference implementation

The original script can be found here:

  • Compile first the program
gcc -o type-command type-command.c
  • Run for the firs time
# ./type-command
type-command: the variable TYPE_CMD_ENABLED is not set, set it to 'no' to surpress this message; set the TYPE_CMD_TYPE for the command to type

Example: export TYPE_CMD_ENABLED=yes; export TYPE_CMD_TYPE=date
  • Export the variable to controls if the program should try to type a command or not
# export TYPE_CMD_ENABLED=yes
# ./type-command
  • Specify the command that you wish to be typed
# export TYPE_CMD_ENABLED=yes; export TYPE_CMD_TYPE=date
# ./type-command
# date
Sun Mar 30 19:27:55 UTC 2014>


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