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Saturday, May 18, 2013

How to install Arista EOS on Virtualbox

The solid EOS architecture that makes Arista switches so powerful allow as well easy testing and experimenting. You don't need to buy any physical switch to get access to the CLI to play with it.

These links below are going to give you enough information how to deploy yours EOS-4.10.2-veos.vmdk switch image within Virtualbox or any other hypervisor. All what you need is to download 2 files (the EOS.vmdk and Aboot*.iso) and follow the steps.

vEOS and VirtualBox
VMWare Fusion Virtual Networks
Building a Virtual Lab with Arista vEOS and VirtualBox

If everything works fine after you power on your Arista VM switch you should see the following window:

The most important commands at the beginning (as seen above):
admin # user name
en    # no pass is required 
bash  # get out of the arista cli to linux bash

As it follows the Cisco CLI behavior you can play with it by using Tab and '?' chars to explore available options.


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