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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Openstack bugs

When working with upstream version of Openstack it helps to know what is happening in the source repository and especially what bugs are getting hot or popular. Below are couple of links for the Openstack project that help to stay on top with code code changes and bugs.

Where can I find all new and old bugs for Openstack

Even though the source code is maintained on the bugs are tracked on

How to search through all open bugs

Navigate to and use the search feature.

How to subscribe to all new bugs in every Openstack project

If you wish to be notified about every bug that is opened for any of the Openstack project you have to:
Is it possible to get a notification when a new bug is open for 'nova' project

Yes, you can receive email for every new bug that somebody opens. To subscribe to a bug mail list please:

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