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Sunday, November 18, 2012

How to extract captions from a youtube video

There are videos on youtube that are 30min and longer. You've watched a video and later on you would like to find only a single moment that is interesting for you. With a help of subtitles and key word searching we could easily do it.


How to download and search in Google text captions file from a youtube video.


There are couple of solution that can be found on Google in the referece section. All the automatic ways didn't work for me. Below is a manual method that I used to extract the subtitles (caption) file from a Google video.

  • Open a video page in Chrome browser. 
  • Enable debuging and reqeuest trucking by pressing F12 in Chrome.
  • Enable caption in the video. 
  • Navigate into the Network tab and find the last timedtext request (the last at the bottom)
  • Right click on it and open that file in a new tab; An xml file containing subtitles with the imestamps should be opened. 


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