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Thursday, November 15, 2012

What network topologies can I build with Openstack Quantum server

The Folsom Openstack release brings many enhancements to networking stack in the Openstack version of the cloud. The features have been encapsulated with in a new core project called Quantum. But even looking at the documentation it can be very difficult at the beginning to understand what are the differences to old nova-network solution and how an example Quantum virtual network can be configured.

Fortunately there is an easy to follow video introduction to Quantum from last Summit [1]. The slides to it can be found here as well [2].

Below are example slides from the presentation of how a virtual network can be build and how it can look like in cloud powered by Openstack, examples: single flat network, multiple flat networks, mixed flat plus private networks, single provider network, multiple per tenant private networks plus single provider network.


  1. OpenStack Networking (Quantum) Project Update 
  3. More slides about Quantum from Dan Wendlandt at slideshare

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