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Sunday, April 14, 2013

How to enable IPMI settings in BIOS on Tyan S8225 motherboard

Often a server that supports IPMI supports as well remote KVM desktop like iKVM. The instruction below describe how to enable IPMI in BIOS for the Tyan S8225 motherboard.
  1. Connect keyboard and monitor to our system. Before we can mange our server remotely we need to first set things up using a standard method
  2. Get into BIOS

  3. Go to advance settings

  4. Set a fix IP for your IPMI console on the server

  5. Enable remote access

  6. Set a primary Video adapter to VGA if you have additional graphic card on broad 

  7. Save BIOS changes and start your server
  8. When the system boots you should see similar outputs

  9. From another PC try to connect to your remote IPMI session by typing in the browser

  10. The default user/password is root/superuser

  11. Open remote iKVM session and if necessary reboot the Tyan server 

  12. For better graphic results you can set this options in the JViewer

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