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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Beautiful code formatter for JavaScript in Sublime

I needed recently to work with some JavaScript code to understand how bookmarklets work in Google Chrome. Unfortunately the js code was often not well formatted and difficult to read.


How to automatically reformat JavaScript code so it looks beautiful and is easy to read.


I recommend this online site if you don't need to have this functionality in your editor of choice: To enable beautiful code formatting in Sublime you can:

To test that the node.js and the necessary plugin is installed correctly you can run the node virtual machine and try to import the module:
$ node
> require("js-beautify")
{ [Function]
  js: [Function: js_beautify],
  css: [Function: css_beautify],
  html: [Function],
  js_beautify: [Function: js_beautify],
  css_beautify: [Function: css_beautify],
  html_beautify: [Function] }

To test that the plugin is installed successfully in in sublime you can:
  • check sublime tree directory
     ... Sublime2\Data\Packages\CodeFormatter\
To trigger the formatting:
  • Menu tools -> Command Palette (Cmd+Shift+P or Ctrl+Shift+P) and type `Format`.
  • The default keyboard shortcat is  ["ctrl+alt+f"] or 
  • If you want to run the command from the console

For further info about node.js and the JavaScript virtual machine functionality