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Thursday, July 4, 2013

How to view and edit cookies in Chrome

When you configuring more complicated scenarios on load balancers it is only a matter of time when you start looking at the HTTP requests and responses because things don't work the way you want.


Q1: How to view browser cookies when viewing sites?
Q2: How to edit cookies in Chrome?

Analisis and results description

Add Q1:
  • Start the Developer tools in Chrome. 
  • Refresh your page with Control+F5.
  • Navigate to the Resources tab and select Cookies
Add Q2:

The Chrome Developer tools doesn't allow you to edit cookies. You can only view or delete them.
To edit cookie values we can use one of the additional plugins: Edit This Cookie
  • Install "Edit This Cookie" plugin
  • Refresh page with Control+F5
  • Once page loads click the cookie icon on the Chrome  
  • Change the cookie 

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