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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Installing VirtualBox Extension Pack drivers on Ubuntu 12.10 guest system

After successful upgrade of my VirtualBox and its Extension Pack here I decided to spin up a new local virtual machine and install Ubuntu 12.10. All went fine except that I had an issue installing the Guest additional drivers from the Extension Pack. Below are my notes and missing steps from the official guide (*) Chapter 4. Guest Additions that I had to do in my Ubuntu Desktop.

The default installation of Ubuntu for your desktop doesn't install dkms package. Following the (*) guide you will have to install it. 

Additionally you have to install your kernel source header files that 

apt-get install aptitude
aptitude install  linux-headers-3.5.0-26-generic

After this the driver instillation goes well. All what you need to do is now to restart your VM.
root@rado-VirtualBox:/media/rado/VBOXADDITIONS_4.2.10_84104# sh ./  uninstall
root@rado-VirtualBox:/media/rado/VBOXADDITIONS_4.2.10_84104# sh ./ 
Verifying archive integrity... All good.
Uncompressing VirtualBox 4.2.10 Guest Additions for Linux..........
VirtualBox Guest Additions installer
Removing existing VirtualBox DKMS kernel modules ...done.
Removing existing VirtualBox non-DKMS kernel modules ...done.
Building the VirtualBox Guest Additions kernel modules ...done.
Doing non-kernel setup of the Guest Additions ...done.
Starting the VirtualBox Guest Additions ...done.
 Installing the Window System drivers
Installing X.Org Server 1.13 modules ...done.
Setting up the Window System to use the Guest Additions ...done.
You may need to restart the hal service and the Window System (or just restart
the guest system) to enable the Guest Additions.

Installing graphics libraries and desktop services components ...done.

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