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Monday, October 8, 2012

Software defined network (SDN) as an example of new evolution in networking

 In my research about SDN I have read recently a very interesting blog post about technologies in IT. The post has a strong emphasis on merging of new technologies and its later on evolution on the market. I higly recomed to take a look at the full blog that can be found here: SDN, Career choices and magic graphs

The author, Ivan Pepelnjak in his article brought together couple of terms from a field of marketing, psychology and consulting. These are the terms:

In general, in the world we know today where innovations are happening every day these concepts help to develop a little bit of wider understanding of new technologies in IT. Working as an individual it can be sometimes very overwhelming to face so many new technologies day by day. But knowing that this all belongs to a bigger picture helps to develop a health approved to it.

That said unfortunately I still didn't find the answer for my question about a future of SDN in networking but I'm definitely one step closer to it.

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