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Sunday, September 30, 2012

What is your favorite web frameworks in Python

No one writes today web application from scratch any more. You always relay on some help and functionality that comes with a framework, library or application server you use.

As i wanted to write a simple web application I was looking for a good and simple framework for me. It wasn't an strigh forward taks as there are many to chose from. A summary from my research what could be the best web frameworks is below.

Comparison of frameworks

Quite actual list of ever created and still available web frameworks for Python exists on official  Python site here 

The links below are going to give you a good material to read to familiarize yourself with some popular one.
Because a  picture is worth more than a 100 words below are some comparison graph from google  trends site as well.

Flask is my choice

From the above 2 graphs you can see that both of them can be compared together when you look at the chart for web2py. The first graph shows the popularity curve for more sophisticated web frameworks with the Django being #1. The second graph shows more the smallest web frameworks and that the flask and cherrypy are the most dominant.

After looking at the home page of these project and the available documentation i like more

Bonus material

Have you ever asked yourself how complex and difficult it is to write a web framework in Python? This articles is a practical exercise how to do this ;).

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