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Friday, January 3, 2014

Debugging networking issues in Neutron

Overview of cloud networking and Neutron in Openstack

We saw what challenges a successful Neutron deployment in Openstack would have to overcome in this post: Status and maturity of the Neutron in Openstack Havana release. But the journey into cloud network is worth the trouble and you can find many discussions that show the potential business and technological advantage you gain (an example What your Dev, Engineering and sales teams can achieve by using Openstack cloud and Quantum network).

But as the Neutron continues to bring new and advance networking features with every consecutive  Openstack release ( Havana Neutron features) there is always a fear that it may become very complex and difficult to troubleshoot. To help to fill the gap the video from Dave Neary (slides are here Networking in OpenStack for non-networking people) is taking us on the journey what cloud networking and Neutron is as well as showing the basic troubleshooting every one should be aware of.

Neutron troubleshooting

These couple of slides from the video summarized very well what troubleshooting actions you can do when dealing with network connectivity problems from and to your VM. For more info watch the video yourself.


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