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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The successful architecture for a top-of-rack switch for data center

TOR switch architecture

We wrote before about Arista switches and about the Arista EOS architecture (network OS). A company with a name Pica8 is another example that follows a very similar technological model. They use the best out of the Linux and butter this up with some more hardware (ASIC) dependent software to achieve maximal performance.

What is interesting for Pica8 is that they take a very liberal approach to the hardware itself. They say they could use any plain switching chip or motherboard blades and turn it into a fully operational switch. The secret is once again a well design Pica8 network OS they built.

In comparison to Arista CLI (that is very alike the Cisco one) Pica8 uses a rather different syntax: At first glance it has some similarities to what you typie on Juniper boxes :).

More info about them and products can be found here:

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