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Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to save browser session in Chrome for offline analysis

There are commercial tools ( a small example list) that help you to save a browser session that it can be view later. Usually you want to do this when you troubleshooting an HTTP issue where the browser is involved.

Below is a combination of free tools that can save and open a browser session.

Capture browsers session
  • To capture and save the the browser session can use Chrome extension called Chrome Developer Tools. After installation
    • You can activate it in your active Chrome browser window with the shortcat: Ctrl+Shift+I. It will open a new panel at the bottom of your screen.  
    • Navigate to the Network tab
    • Now you can browse your site(s) and you should see all the requests your browser does.
    • Once you finish please click with the right mouse button on any of requests and select from the menu "Save as HAR with content" to save an HAR file on the disk.
Open a browser session for offline analysis 
  • You can send a HAR file to any other person for offline analysis.
  • An example application that can read and display it is Fiddler.
  • From Fiddler menu open the HAR file by navigating to File->Import->HTTPArchive

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