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Thursday, July 11, 2013

What is AppFlow

In networking one of the words that has recently become popular is 'flow'. We have OpenFlow protocols that is a new emerging standard in network visualization that uses flows to describe what action should happen to a packet in OVS switch. We have sFlow and Netflow that are widely used by networking vendors for statistics information and performance data gathering from network devices. I've come recently across a new term: AppFlow.


What is AppFlow?


In the video below we can learn that AppFlow is a protocols that can be used for application monitoring and visibility. With the industry acceptance of ADS/ADC systems (Application Delivery System and Application Delivery Controller) it is therefor logically rational to extend load balancers functionality to allow them to collect application specific data. The idea is similar how sFlow/Netflow work where additionally to IP and TCP based information we want to collect application specify information as well.


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  1. F5 now exports application layer data using standard sFlow structures, see F5 BIG-IP LTM and TMOS 11.4.0. In addition, open source implementations are available for Apache, NGINX, HAProxy etc.