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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sublime keyboard shortcat list

This is work in progress...
  • Below is a list of most common keyboard shortcats I use in Sublime (this is a work in progress post)
Ctrl-Shift-Space - select whole string in brackets
Ctrl-B - show/hide results panel
Ctrl-D - highlight a word
Alt-F3 - multi selection for all highlighted words
F4 - (in the search results Ctrl+Shift+F) opens a file and takes you to highlighted line
Ctrl-F2 - marks a point in a line and create a point for multi selection if needed
Alt-F2 - edit all the marked lines at once (create a multi selection from all the marks above)
Alt-F2, Ctrl-F2 - removes all the marks in the file
Ctrl+Alt+Enter - In the Find/Replace window at the bottom it 'Replace All' matches
More keyboard shortcats

Sublime has a built in console terminal with ctrl+` . When type sublime.log_commands(True) there you enable verbose logging. When enabled you are going to see all commands that Sublime is executes as you use it. Just remember to turn logging off when you’re done :)

More function to play with can be found here:

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