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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Devops chalanges in companies

Devops team in your company 

The DevOps name has been used for a while in IT industry. After we established what the name mean there is a time now to ask another questions:
  • What is DevOps in your company and how your company/team is using it
  • Would you consider yourself a devops engineer
  • In what tasks is devops paradigm helping you and why do you like it
These are only examples. To help to spread the knowledge further and to increase understanding of devops mentality even more Puppet Labs has conducted a survey. You can find more about it on its blog Get More Agile: Learn How to Automate One Small Thing with Puppet Enterprise ( a direct link to the survey report is there 2013 State of DevOps ).

I've copied 2 interesting facts from it: (a) what skills are essential and (b) what obstacles you may face if you would like to join a devops team :). More can be found in the report.

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