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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Outlook keyboard shortcat list

I'm getting more than hundreds of messages a day. Some of them are generated automatically by automatic systems to monitor infrastructure. Others are normal working communication.

When you don't have time you quickly learn all sort of shortcats to deal with you daily tasks. This applies as well to managing your mail box in outlook. Below is a reference of some of my favourite outlook shortcat I relay on :)

Ctrl-Z   - Undelete a Message
Ctrl-Del - Delete and Mute a Conversation
Ctrl-ENTER - Mark a message as read
Ctrl-Q   - Mark a message as read
Ctrl-T   - Mark a thread as read
Ctrl-U   - mark as unread mail message
Ctrl-K   - Check names
Ctrl-N   - Open or post a new message
Ctrl-R   - Reply to message author
Ctrl-SHIFT-R - Reply to all
F3       - search
Ctrl-Shift-V - Move Email Messages Quickly in Outlook
Ctrl+Y    - Select a different folder
F6 - move the focus to next GUI element/window (you can use it to move the focus into the email to scroll it down)
Shift + F6 - move the focus backwards (with F6 and Shift+F6 you can quickly scroll through you email list and emails content using only  your keyboard)
Ctrl-UP arrow/Down arrow - in the Reading Pane, go to the previous or next message
SPACEBAR - in the Reading Pane, page down through text.
ALT+B, ALT+LEFT ARROW, or ALT+BACKSPACE - Go back to previous view in main Outlook window


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