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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Midokura Midonet software

The network virtualization movement is getting bigger and stronger. Looking how serious the VMware is looking into SDN concept ( VMware NSX Network Virtualization ) is is only a matter of time before we start seeing this on a regular basis in data centers.

With this message in mind let's take a look at one of the SDN vendors like Midokura and its software Midonet.
  1. General availability 

  2. During Openstack Summit in April 2013 Midokura sent a strong message that its Midonet software is available to download. Midonet is Midokura the SDN implementation of the cloud network virtualization concept.

  3. Software

  4. At the moment there is only a little bit of information what it is.

    MidoNet pushes intelligence to the edge of the network, as it takes an overlay-based approach to network virtualization and sits on top of any IP-connected network. [1]

    Its technology is functionally similar to VMware-backed Nicira's, but the approach is different: Midokura has a Level 3 network gateway, whereas Nicira is Level 2. Both companies offer distributed switching at Level 2 [2]

    Midokura uses a continuous-licensing basis for its network virtualization software. The technology is a 5-to-10MB download that runs on top of a JVM on standard server hardware. [2]

  5. Midonet network architecture
  6. Below, on the left we see the logical and on the right the physical topology.

    The main logical concept is based on having a virtual router that your VMs are talking to. As Midonet software is using/is based on Open vSwitch that pacifically means that there is going to be a virtual port attached to Virtual router and VM in Open vSwitch. That way the VM is directly (virtualy) connected to its virtual router / default gateway. The building layout of the physical topology seems to confirms that assumptions.

    The physical topology help us better understanding the Midonet distributed model as well: Midonet software architecture.

    The backend network is a standard IP base physical network infrastructure that aims to provide IP connectivity between the Midonet nodes. The power of Midonet comes from the way it manages its distributed NW State DB (network state data base). This is the critical part and place where is decided what to do with an Ethernet frame/IP packet from or to VM when there is no flow entry on the routers or hypervisor virtual switches.

    This is the link for a full Midokura Midonet presentation (in Japan).


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