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Friday, May 17, 2013

Brocade On-Demand Data Center vision

As cloud technologies help to evolve and create new set of product and services withing data centers the data center concept is changing as well. When it comes to resource provisioning there is no more talk about silos but rather an agile and on demand scalable pool of resources that can be freely used when required.

With the progressing changes in the industry many vendors adopt and innovate to meet the increasing demands of the next generation data center. This On-Demand Data Center link explains Brocade DC vision. In short they believe in:
  • x86 server virtualization
  • Openstack (like Quantum), OpenDaylight, SDN
  • openflow
  • virtual network appliances (like vADX, vRouter like vyatta)
  • and network hardware that supports virtual as well physical workload: Brocade MLX router and Brocade VCS switch product lines

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