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Friday, April 5, 2013

Powershell tutorial for Linux users

Powershell vs bash Linux commands
Description Linux Bash Powershell
list all available commands Tab Tab gcm
multiple commands with a name foo type -a foo gcm foo
print PATH variable  echo $PATH  echo $env:path
print PATH variable  echo $PATH  echo $env:path
set or export a variable export VARIABLE="foo" $env:VARIABLE="foo"
bash navigation shortcuts - Tab
- history
- Control+U
-Alt+B/Control left
-Alt+F/Control right
- Control+R

- [Tab] Autocomplete folder/file name.
- F7 Show history of previous commands
- F9 Run a specific command from the command history.
- Ctrl Home Erase line to the left.
- Ctrl End  Erase line to the right.
- Ctrl arrow left Move one word to the left (backward)
- Ctrl arrow right Move one word to the right (forward)
- F8 Move backwards through the command history, but only display
commands matching the current text at the command prompt.



  1. See cross command Table on German Wikipedia with PowerShell Alias:

    greets Peter Kriegel