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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Text developer editor with Python API

I often need to work between Linux and Windows systems. Under every OS I have my favorite tools I like that help me to get the job done. But there has always been one tool that I wasn't very happy with: a good text editor.


What is a good cross platform editor with development features that is written and integrated with Python.

Analisis and discussion 

When I code I always like to know the editor so I can quickly and comfortably navigate in a single or multiple files at the same time. I've found recently one that I tend to use more: Sublime. The other one I was using for a long while was Notepad++ but it was only limited to Windows.

Why Sublime works for me:
My simple config

You can view and change all global settings under Menu - Preferences - Settings - Default but a better way is to create a local customized user preferences file.

To modify user settings open the following file under Menu - Preferences - Settings - User and copy or modify these options:
"fade_fold_buttons"        : false,
"highlight_line"           : true,
"auto_complete_size_limit" : 44194304,
"tree_animation_enabled"   : true,

My packages

Below are some of my packages I'm using

How to highlight a whole line in Sublime like in Notepad++ 

In notepad++ when editing your can enable whole like to be highlighted (here are some example screenshots). To achieve the same effect in Sublime you need to enable the highlight_line: true.

References and documentation

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