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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rackspace Private Cloud v3 available

In my previous post How to install Rackspace Private Cloud (Alamo) on a single physical server I described how to install Alamo version 2. Since then the software has evolved and a new versions 3 with new features is available for download and testing.


Full instruction how to install it can be found here:

A compact version looks like:

curl -L "" | bash -s server
curl -L "" | bash -s dashboard
curl -L "" | bash -s agent

Architecture has changed

Alamo version 3 comes with a modified and extended architecture to support new features. A high level diagram can be found here:

More documentation

Knowledge centre articles:

More instruction how to install and access to dedicated form for Rackspace Private Cloud

Opencenter, installer and more about source code is here:

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