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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rackspace api-challenge summary

Below is a listing of some of my steps I went through when I participated in Rackspace  API Challenges: By Support, for Support contest. The final github repository with the code is here
  1. Create initial repository on github
  2. In the OS of your choice install your favorite editor like Sublime (Installation of Sublime Text editor on Ubuntu 12.10) or other
  3. Install Python SDK for Rackspace cloud: How to install Rackspace Python SDK for cloud
  4. Authentication issue with London cloud account when using Pyrax module
  5. Howto add a file to api-challenge repository on github
  6. Challenge 1 script
  7. As my development efforts go on I wanted make sure I can always get back to the code I was initially released as script: How to create a branch on github to freeze your code in a particular version
  8. Challenge 2 script
  9. How to modify files in your branch on github
  10. bpython supports virtualenv
  11. How to develop and debug programs that use pyrax or python-novaclient libraries
  12. Challenge 3 script
  13. How to paste into Python interpreter a code snippet for testing
  14. Challenge 4 script
  15. Challenge 5 script
  16. How to merge changes from a custom branch into master branch on github
  17. Challenge 6 script
  18. Challenge 7 script
  19. Challenge 8 script
  20. Challenge 9 script
  21. How to use pyrax and ipython together to test and learn the library api
  22. Challenge 10 script
  23. Challenge 11 script

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