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Saturday, February 2, 2013

How many instances can you run under the AWS Free Tier usage

The free usage tier on Amazon is a nice and convenient way for a quick check how AWS cloud works. But if you overuse it at the end of the months are will have to pay the bill that they sent you.

For example in the free tier [1] you have:

750 hours of EC2 running Linux/Unix Micro instance usage

That practically means you can have a one single tiny instance for a month for free. But every next will add to your monthly bill. That means that if you leave two instances to run over a month will have a similar bill to pay.

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$17.71AWS Service Charges
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud 
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US East (Northern Virginia) Region
Amazon EC2 running Linux/UNIX
$0.00 per Micro Instance (t1.micro) instance-hour (or partial hour) under monthly free tier750 Hrs0.00
$0.020 per Micro Instance (t1.micro) instance-hour (or partial hour)738 Hrs14.76
Amazon EC2 EBS
$0.00 per GB-month of provisioned storage under monthly free tier16.000 GB-Mo0.00
$0.00 per 1 million I/O requests under monthly free tier240,182 IOs0.00
Amazon CloudWatch
$0.00 per metric-month - first 10 metrics7.000 Metrics0.00
AWS Data Transfer (excluding Amazon CloudFront)$0.00
 VAT to be collected$2.95
 GST to be collected$0.00
 US Tax to be collected$0.00


1 comment:

  1. wtf! so this is the reason why I get charged of $14 dollars this January. Now I know, thanks man..