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Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to extract a duration of a tcp session from tcpdump file

I took a tcpdump to capture all my application connections to data base server. I can filter the tcpudmp data and extract the session that are relevant by using standard tcpdump filters.


How to find a duration of a tcp session without manually checking packets and calculating the elapsed time.


There are many tools that can read and understand a tcpudmp file. One of them is tcptrace. An  example of how to use it to find the time is demonstrated below.

root@db1:~# tcptrace -n -l -o1 
1 arg remaining, starting with 'google.pcap'
Ostermann's tcptrace -- version 6.6.7 -- Thu Nov  4, 2004

12 packets seen, 12 TCP packets traced
elapsed wallclock time: 0:00:00.001738, 6904 pkts/sec analyzed
trace file elapsed time: 0:00:07.092266
TCP connection info:
1 TCP connection traced:
TCP connection 1:
        host a:        2a00:1a48:7805:0111:8cfc:cf10:ff08:0a2f:55939
        host b:        2a00:1450:400c:0c05::0063:80
        complete conn: yes
        first packet:  Wed Oct 24 22:49:59.166611 2012
        last packet:   Wed Oct 24 22:50:06.258878 2012
        elapsed time:  0:00:07.092266
        total packets: 12
        filename:      google.pcap
   a->b:                              b->a:
     total packets:             6           total packets:             6
     ack pkts sent:             5           ack pkts sent:             6


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