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Sunday, August 12, 2012

What cloud provider do you use

Every one knows that there is a number of cloud players there on the market. Some of them have been there from the beginning like Amazon some of the others are new like Google with the recent release of Google Compute Engine (GCE)[1].

These links gave you a list of some of the big names behind the ongoing cloud adoption and industry transformation:
But these information is only a listing of possible vendors to chose from. But how is the market shared between them. These questions are not answered there. There is a little bit of publicly available documents on the Internet that elaborate on it as well.

This is one of the links I found on the Openstack mailing list that give us a small inside view to this problem: Cloud tools survey

The most interesting results are listed in point # 4 and 5.

4. Which clouds do you use (choose all that are appropriate)?
Amazon: 47.4%
Rackspace: 36.8%
HP Cloud: 21.1%
Go Grid: 0%
Linode: 31.6%
Softlayer: 0%
Joyent: 0%
Azure: 5.3%
Google: 10.5%
Private Cloud: 42.1%
Other responses included AppFog, OrionVM (Australian provider), KT UCloud Biz (Korean provider), eNoCloud and Physical Servers.

5. How many cloud based servers do you manage (not physical servers)?
1-10: 45.5%
11-50: 27.3%
50-200: 9.1%
200-1000: 18.2%
1000+: 0%
A lot of fairly large deployments – many of them appear to be private clouds (who responded via the OpenStack list).


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