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Monday, August 27, 2012

Rackconnect load and performance tests


Rackconnect as a hybrid hosting solution that Rackspace has to offer that represents an excellent technology if you want to use the open cloud with your dedicated hardware.

When we think of dedicated hardware like servers performance statics are relatively easy to estimate or understand. This is different and be much more complicated for the IaaS cloud. Open cloud like IaaS is technology that is highly API driven and the performance results may differ base on the time of the day, physical location of the data center or the presence of the user.

It is to expected that the overall performance will be impacted as well as when we try to integrate with Open cloud. Rackconnect is a  hybrid technology that on one side uses the available cloud public API and on the other site manages the dedicated hardware. Cloud imposes a challenge for it because it can be inpredicatble, can have time spikes, timeouts or even local outages that can take from minutes to hours.

In this post I would like to summarize and list some of my experiments I did to better understand the cloud potential and as well as find areas of improvements for the Rackconnect itself.

Rackconnect load and performance tests articles:
  1. Part1 - cloud build bursting performance from 1 to 5 cloud servers
A client uses Cisco ASA 5505 and core cloud account with a physical presence in London data center for Rackconnect testing.
  1. Part2 - TO BE DONE
  2. Extra - First post about this problem

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