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Saturday, August 4, 2012

How to change the action for Alt-Tab shortcut in VirtualBox and switch application windows running on your Windows 7 desktop rather than switching windows between the applications inside the VM only

Using multiple virtual mashines on your single desktop can be a little bit tricky when you need to change quickly focus between the various windows. In my practice I have offen a Windows 7 base desktop and run multiple VM's either using the VirtualBox or VMware Workstation


From the desktop in Windows 7 Alt+Tab switches between all the running application windows perfectly. Once in the single VM context the some combination switches windows of your VM application rather then all your origianl Windows application.


Use the host key . In VirtualBox by default, this is the right Control key on your keyboard. It changes the focus and once pressed any key pressed after is evaluated according to your host operating system and not the VM itself.


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