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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Python IDE using Eclipse and PyDev/Aptana

There are numbers of options when you want to code in Python or other languages and you expect some level of support from your editor and IDE. The environment I use is definitely not the simplest and easy to set up but if you like using one single tool to code in various languages it works than relatively well.

Problem description

How to use a modern IDE to develop programs in Python and potentially use it with other languages like Java and C.


Eclipse as a single IDE with a support for multiple languages.
PyDev as an Eclipse plugin to support programming in Python. But instead of installing it manualy I decide to use the Aptana Studio 3.x

  1. We need java first
  2. Nest install the Eclipse I used the most popular branch Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers. It comes with a number of preinstalled modules.
  3. Install Python I needed 2.7.x.
  4. Every one uses some source of software version control tools. I've started to use
  5. This is optional, but because I wanted to have a working Ruby environment as well i installed
    1. Ruby from
    2. From the some link than ' RubyInstaller Development Kit (DevKit)'  DevKit
  6. The ruby comes with a powerful Rails application framework
  7. At the end we installed our Python plugin from using the option 'Eclipse Plug-in Version'. The installation is described here:
After all the steps the hello world looks like this :)

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