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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

By using Ubuntu how to create a bootable USB thumb drive with Fedora distro

Although this it has already been possible to use USB thumb drive and boot from it for a longer time, there is still no one unified method to create this USB thumb drive.

Ubuntu has its own method:

"2) Burn your CD or create a USB drive"

Fedora has its own as well:

"3.2.1. Making Fedora USB Media on a Windows Operating System"

Fortunately for us a separate project unetbootin [1] comes in handy to do this job regardless what OS you are currently using.

To simply install and run follow this instructions bellow.

# aptitude install unetbootin 
# dpkg -L  unetbootin | grep bin
# unetbootin


UNetbootin - Homepage and Downloads

Using Fedora's liveusb-creator on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx

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